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The right fabric is critical to high-performing, comfortable sportswear. We use only the finest and most innovative fabrics in the world, sourced from the leading mills in Europe. If we can’t find the right fabric for the garment in mind, we ask mills to develop new fabrics to our unique specifications.


Old school 100% polyester sportswear has a shiny, scratchy feel to it. We use blends, including Supplex, to achieve a soft cotton feel with a matte finish, but with all the performance attributes of microfibres. In addition, we use a treatment called peaching, which in very technical terms means the fabric feels as soft as a peach.

Seamless Technology

Many of our high intensity pieces have seamless garment technology. This means you won’t be irritated by any seam friction and it also ensures a sleek, tailored fit. Seamless technology also gives the ability to engineer different zones of compression, ventilation and support.


Our fabrics combine high stretch with a cottony soft feel and follow your movements (in a non-creepy way) — always bouncing back and retaining their shape so you can work out without worrying about what your clothes are doing.


Using Stay Dry fabrics with inherent wicking properties wasn’t enough for us. Select products have strategically placed mesh panels and vents, or ventilation zones to ensure optimal breathability around your body’s heat zones. We want you to chill out — seriously.


SALT sportswear is built to withstand multiple half marathons, Tough Mudders, the hottest yoga classes you can find, and weather of all kinds. We focus on durability and washability, with colour dyes that won’t fade and fabrics that are highly resistant to pilling and retain their shape and support.


All our performance garments feature microfibre fabric blends that rapidly wick away moisture, forcing sweat away from the body, through the weave and onto the outer shell of the fabric to evaporate. As well as high-performance microfibres, we use advanced fabric treatments, with additional wicking abilities, and antimicrobial anti-stink properties. That was a mouthful, wasn’t it? Basically, you’ll be dry and won’t smell bad.

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